Best known for his own copper infusion technique, experience and deep understanding of glass as a medium, kiln form glass, Irish glassware and sculpture artist Keith Sheppard is on the cutting edge of bespoke Irish glassware design.

No only do we make beautiful and unique Irish glassware, we cross the boundary by making bespoke glass sculpture works of art.

My Story

View the short video of Keith in his Irish glassware and sculpture studio and get a true feel for the enthusiasm and creativity behind his glass art creations.

French vanilla and turquoise wisps scandza collection spherical bowl - contemporary Irish glassware hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glass Artistry, Northern Ireland

Our Design Process

We source, arguably, the leading, highest quality architectural art glass in the world. Manufactured in Oregon, USA, Bullseye Glass have a global reach in the marketplace and lead the way in research, development and commitment to creating glass in an environmentally friendly way.

Based on the management philosophy of Keith Sheppard Glass Artistry, our environmental policy is to establish and maintain an environmental management system and to engage in conservation activities in order to minimize the environmental impact caused in the process of manufacturing various pieces of art.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental practice supports our ongoing environmental policy Research and Development, ensuring the production of our Irish glassware products and sculptures has minimal negative effect on the planet.

Tulip vessel off cuts awaiting recycling - contemporary Irish glassware hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glass Artistry, Northern Ireland

My Story

Changed by nature, Keith uses this life experience to make Irish glassware art through positive metamorphosis.

Who I Am

Continued development of artistic practice and enhanced contemporary work aesthetic.

How I Make

An individual process of investigation and critical enquiry.

Bespoke Commissions

Unique and bespoke custom designed commissions and awards tailored to your needs. Any occasion, large or small, Private or Corporate.

  • Ulster Tatler Awards (2018 – 2019)

  • The Inaugural – R.O.I Inspirational Awards (2019)

  • Ulster University Computer Engineering Award (2019)

  • Amagh I –People of the Year Awards (2021)

Let's do this

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