How I Make

Focusing on the fine arts, architectural / sculptural kiln formed glass, using advanced and complex techniques.

Driven by creativity, the work presented is as a result of an individual process of investigation and critical enquiry, exploring the relationship between glass and natural light and its artistic presentation to optimum display.

It is this focus, high in quality, innovative in its use of materials and the development and fruition of Keith’s aesthetic vision, presented in his innovative Sculptural forms and bespoke drop out vases. Crossing the boundary from, production of functional pieces, to that of a work of art.

As can be seen from the images provided Keith’s Glass Art predominantly involves the infusion of metals into the glass; this process gives each piece a further dimension of uniqueness and identity with enhanced vibrant colourations. Not only do you have the presentation of the piece from above but also an additional element of depth, form, tone and colour.

  • The vessel is made using the ‘drop out’ method.

  • A block of glass with the design element is fused in the kiln.

  • Once cooled, it is suspended in the kiln on ceramic pillars and a circular former.

  • The glass is re-fired and gravity forces the glass through the ceramic former to produce the vessel.

  • Once cooled, the original glass block is removed with a diamond saw and then ‘cold worked’, grinding and polishing.

  • Each vessel is unique in its colourations, bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail which elevates its desirability. 
  • The Collection uses ‘Bullseye’ architectural glass incorporating the colours of French Vanilla and Light Turquoise in wisps or streaky design.

  • During the kiln process the light turquoise reacts with the composite minerals of the French vanilla resulting in differing shades of brown.

  • The ‘streaky’ glass is a darker shade than the ‘wisps’ and, due to the unique colourations of the glass and firing process, no two pieces will ever be entirely identical.

  • Following this initial process the glass is re-fired to infuse copper into the underside of the glass. The third and last kiln process slumps the glass into a mould.

  • As with all, but his vessels, the final stage is ‘cold worked’ and the inclusion of a ‘vein’ in the copper on the underside which identifies his work and is his artistic signature.

Sophisticated Chic

Refinement of design and process presented in Keith’s ‘drop out’ vessel range.

A unique one-of-a-kind, in its colourations, bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail which elevates its desirability.

Although a lovely piece of glass, this glass vessel is also a functional vase.

Rosea fluctus streaky white and cranberry pink eclipse glass vessel - contemporary glassware hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glass Artistry, Northern Ireland