I am delighted to have been awarded £2,000 of funding as part of d/Deaf and Disabled Artists Support Fund 2020/21, supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. This was a most competitive process open to all artists across all artistic disciplines.

‘In Figura’ glass sculpture is a natural progression of my sculptural work from my handcrafted, unique and bespoke indoor sculptures.

IMAGE – (interpretation-of-the-pleiades-star-cluster-M45-glass-sculpture-contemporary-glassware-made-in-ireland-by-keith-sheppard-glass)

to larger non-functional glass installations.

‘In Figura’ can be ceiling or wall mounted with a stainless steel support frame measuring; approximately 100cm x 52cm or 300cm long.

The frame supports the hanging of between 270 – 300 geometrical shapes.

The geometrical shapes, consisting of 9 designs and using the full colour range of the rainbow is suspended from the stainless steel support at varying lengths. Each of the geometrical shapes incorporate a layer of iridised glass which changes the transparency of the glass depending on the lighting conditions.

The primary consideration of the project is to meet the broader public benefit.

The installation has a learning element in that the design incorporates the most common geometrical shapes together with the colours of the rainbow.

The iridised coating generates differing levels of transparency and the geometrical shapes will create movement in the glass, dependant on air flow. The work is due to go on exhibition and long term loan to special educational needs sector schools, libraries and other public venues.

The project will significantly increase the visibility of my artistic practice. It will be an example of my ability to produce larger Glass Art installations providing wider opportunities in the Corporate, Liturgical and Public Art fields.