Handcrafted luxury designer glassware. Exquisite one-of-a-kind glass art. Enhance the personality and character to your home interior with our modern contemporary Irish glassware – an essential for any home.

French vanilla and streaky turquoise tenebris Star Trek three sided bowl, hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glassware - gallery image

French Vanilla and Streaky Turquoise Tenebris Star Trek three sided bowl.

Handcrafted Irish glassware using High Quality ‘Bullseye’ French Vanilla and streaky Turquoise, architectural fused glass. Infused with copper on the underside which reacts with the mineral content of the glass which presents a fantastic random patternation.

Each bowl is unique in its colourations, bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail. Although a lovely piece of glass art in its own right it’s also a functional bowl.(food safe)

Dimensions (approx): L 56cm / W 42cm / D 6cm

This is a substantial piece of glass and would make a fantastic centre piece in any setting.

This design also comes in more neutral colours item – French vanilla and turquoise wisps Star Trek three sided glass bowl. Other colours or combinations can be incorporated into the design upon commission.

Please enquire using our contact page or via social media.

Glassware item 2.

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Please enquire using our contact page or via social media.

Glass sculpture entitled Juxta Position, hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glassware