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Interpretation of the Pleiades star cluster - contemporary glassware hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glass Artistry, Northern Ireland. Vertically cropped photo

Interpretation of the Pleiades star cluster.

Handcrafted Irish glass sculptures presented in Irish Bog Oak or tropical hardwood. These glass sculptures are made using advanced kiln-formed glass techniques incorporating infused copper.

Exploring the relationship between glass and light and reflecting observations and the interpretation of Nebulae stars within the galaxies of the Universe.

The Pleiades Star Cluster (M45) is the most famous star cluster in the sky, the bright stars of the Pleiades can be seen without binoculars from even the depths of a light-polluted city. Also known as the Seven Sisters and M45, the Pleiades is one of the brightest and most easily visible open clusters on the sky. The Pleiades contains over 3,000 stars, lies about 400 light years away, only 13 light years across and lies towards the constellation of the Bull (Taurus).

Dimensions (approx) – 26cm diameter (glass)

A one-of-a-kind glass sculpture centre piece and talking point in any room.

Glass sculptures vary in design, colourations and size and can be custom made to the client’s specifications.

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Glass sculpture entitled Juxta Position, hand made in Ireland by Keith Sheppard Glassware